The first step is the most difficult…..
March 10, 2016

The beginning of this year I made a BIG decision, huge really. I decided to believe in myself. We don’t realize how many chances we avoid because of fear. Fear we may fail mostly. So, I decided to fight through the fear and believe that I’m worth the effort.


You may be asking yourself what I did that was so life altering? Good question! I signed on as a consignor in a local boutique. I create handmade, one of a kind, crafts. I use mostly reclaimed items. My favorite items to use are “found” items. I like inexpensive materials that are often times landfill bound.



This blog is another leap of “faith” as well. I read a lot of blogs. I really enjoy reading them. I have decided to chronicle my creations online to inspire other creative, blog loving crafty people (that’s you!)

So, Hello! Join me on my journey. I can’t tell you where it goes, but I can tell you, it will be fun!


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