My Obsession…….
March 10, 2016

Do you have an obsession? I do….. I love steamer trunks! I know what you’re thinking…how many trunks can one person have? Well, I currently own 4, yes 4! I will share with you one of them today. First let me introduce you to “Ruby”. She’s a beauty. I believe that she’s a Victorian Humpback born sometime in the 1800’s




Well, as absolutely gorgeous as I thought she was without any tweaking, I HAD to paint her.

WARNING: if you are faint of heart or against painting cool old treasures, leave now! Just kidding, but please don’t spend time blasting and hating me. The world needs more love…..



trunk after


Isn’t she just amazing? I had to paint her because of the amount of work it would’ve been to get all the rust off her. Her whole front was a rusty type color and corrosion was setting in. I had toyed around with the idea of painting her teal. I decided against it since I wouldn’t want her in my home if she was. How could I expect someone else too? I love how the barn red turned out on her.

The details….painting Ruby actually started with a complete bath with soapy water and a plastic scrub brush. I needed to evaluate her so I could make some decisions on whether to paint her or not. Well as I told you, her corrosion was getting pretty extensive.

After deciding that painting was the next action I had to chose between an aqua rustoleum and a barn red house paint (actually it’s Dutch Boy Brand , Oops! paint from Menards, but that’s another post on a different day).

I spent one afternoon painting her red and black. She has the most amazing embossing on her metal. I wanted to show that off so I dry brushed black over her red when it dried. It gave her an old type feel, which is what I wanted. I sealed her with a dark wax to enhance her even more. I just love how she looks!

So, what have you made or painted lately?




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