Do you hear that?
June 3, 2016

Psst! Over here…..

I bought two of these beauties at a garage sale recently. They are identical twins!
I bought two of these beauties at a garage sale recently. They are identical twins!

As all of you know, you can’t create anything cool without supplies. My favorite items to work with are garage sale finds, discarded treasure and estate auction wins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to create new projects as inspiration strikes too.

In my mind, there’s nothing like getting an item that “speaks” to me. The objects that I have been collecting either “speak” to me or were given to me (I can’t turn down free items). Now let me explain, I don’t sit down with a shelf and say “Hey, how’s it going? What would you like to have done to you?” That would just be silly. I force myself to work through all the things I have collected. Taking one item at a time to my work area and changing it. I paint, sand, glue and nail it. It turns into something amazing and new. I feel so inspired when I create.

After some sanding...

One of the twins after some sanding….

These girls spoke to me. They were loud, like long lost girlfriends trying to catch up. They wanted to be chic, shabby chic.

After I removed all the hardware and sanded them I painted them black. It took three coats to get a really good coverage on them. After several hours of drying time I started to distress them heavily. Once I was done distressing them I applied dark wax to them (Minwax brand) I love how they turned out, but unfortunately I don’t have an amazing picture to share, more like a tiny glimpse. I hope you can get the feel for them from it though.

The inspired creation...

I have so many projects to share that I’m working on…..

How about a small sneaky peak?

IMG_0727 IMG_0728

More pictures and a small tutorial to come!

Until we speak again, Stay crafty!